Best Detox Drinks For Drug Tests

From the world’s top athletes to convenience store employees. Professionals across all industries are united in the fear of drug tests as a part of their job description. On many different work environments they are required by their employers to take drug tests.

Many employees are now subject to the risk of losing their jobs because of these tests, even with the movement of marijuana legalization underway. For those facing employment drug tests we have researched the best weed detox drinks that work.

We’re talking about detox drinks as a solution because let’s face it, nobody should have to give up on smoking marijuana just because of the archaic laws or workplace policies. Detox drinks are there to help you along until better laws are put into place concerning the use of recreational marijuana.


Water is the cheapest detox drink to pass a drug test. How you use water as a detox drink will make all the difference. The simplest trick in the book. The idea is to drink as much water as you can on the days leading up to the drug test.

OBVIOUSLY, you will need to abstain from smoking, eating or even being around weed in this time for the detox to work!  In those days leading to the test from the time you wake up to the day of your test drink lots of water and urinate lots too!

You cannot remove the toxins from your system but you can dilute them. There is one thing to be. careful about if your sample is too diluted it will fail the test!

Lemons and Lemonade

People commonly drink lemon juice to detox the system of THC. Lemon juice is naturally acidic, which is what makes it apt as a total body cleanse. We all know that lemon juice works amazingly well to clear out stubborn grease from dirty dishes. Well, it works just as well to clear your body from toxins.

You’re not going to have to drink a bottle of the lemon juice!!!  When you’re looking to pass drug tests: just mix about a tablespoon of lemon juice in a 16oz glass of water and drink it over the course of a few hours.

You should drink this lemonade mix about seven to eight times before the drug test. Urinate as much as you can before you give the sample so that the sample seems as free from toxins as possible.

But remember these are not fool-proof methods and will not guarantee you to pass a test. There is no luxury detox. The labs are getting smarter so its best to go with a well researched and well-founded method.

Best Detox Drinks for Drug Tests

As convenient as these two detox drinks are to find, they are not exactly the most effective or quickest route to an effective cleanse. They can be practical additions to a cleansing regime if repeated throughout days or weeks, but they cannot quickly eliminate toxins.

Another option. Manufactures have explicitly designed detox drinks to help you pass a drug test. There are a number of drug testing solutions companies that have been making detox drinks for this reason for years.

Clear Choice Detox Drink

The most recommended brand for well over two decades now is Clear Choice. They have a wide range of products to help you pass drug tests, including mouth swab and hair tests. 



The Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the best option to pass your upcoming drug test. Depending on your body mass, you have the option of using either the 17oz or the 32oz bottles of the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

If your body mass is less than 200 pounds, then you should be choosing the 17oz bottle. You don’t need to have much of the Clear Choice detox drink in your system – just enough to help clear out the toxins. If you are over 200 pounds, you will need to use the 32oz bottle to make sure that the sample you give for the drug test is entirely free of any THC.



Final Verdict

It is always good to use natural ways to detox your body before submitting the sample for urine drug tests. There is no point in taking unnecessary risks when it comes to a drug test. The Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse has its name for a reason. It is beneficial in cleaning your system so that the sample does not contain any traces of marijuana. If you have a choice between spending extra money to get a Clear Choice detox drink and passing the drug test. Or taking either of the cheaper options, for example, a homemade drug detox drinks and risking a failed test, we think it’s a Clear Choice.