Oral Clear Gum | Product Review

We’ve been hearing a lot about saliva neutralizing gum for drug tests, and one name that has consistently been popping up is the Clear Choice Oral Clear Gum. Before we get into a review of the product, let’s look into why such a product could potentially be of use to you.

When you ingest a drug, chemicals like THC or other toxins will leave traces in your saliva. Depending on factors like dosage, these traces could remain there for any amount of time — from a few hours to a couple of days. This could get tricky for you if you were asked to take an oral drug test sometime after ingesting a drug.

Tests like these are becoming increasingly common, especially in the United States. Employers will also often hold saliva drug tests after an accident in the workplace, or as part of a mandatory recruitment test. After all, these tests are quite cheap, especially when compared to expensive drug tests like the hair follicle test.

So you’ll either be supervised as you provide your employers with a sample of saliva, or someone else will use a swab to get the sample for you. Then it’s just a matter of putting this on the test pad and waiting a few moments to see how it reacts.

It’s a quick and easy method of determining whether you’ve used any drugs over the last couple of days, one that doesn’t require either expensive testing equipment or a lab. No wonder these tests are becoming so popular.

There are some ways around a drug test such as this. You could always try to neutralize your saliva using copious amounts of mouthwash (we particularly recommend Listerine). Brushing your teeth regularly and well should also serve to remove a good portion of the toxins from your saliva, as should drinking a lot of water. As a last resort, you could also try eating foods rich in fats and fatty oils right before your oral drug test.

And for the most part, a standard mouth swab test should be easy to pass even if you are a heavy drug user. The maximum amount of time THC or other toxins could remain in your saliva is around 2 days. If you take the precautions outlined above, you should be able to clear the oral drug test.

If you know that a test is coming up, all you need to do is brush your teeth around five times a day, drink plenty of water and take some amount of Listerine for good measure. There, you’re all set!

But what about unscheduled drug tests?

Given that most drug tests tend to be given out randomly, there’s a good chance you won’t really know that you’re headed into one. Your employers don’t want to give you time to get rid of any evidence against you!

So most workplaces will simply tell you to provide them with a sample of your saliva on the very spot. What can you do in such a situation?

Enter Saliva Neutralizing Gum Oral Clear. Over time, it’s been touted as incredibly effective over forums and chats on the internet. Does this saliva neutralizing gum actually work? Or is it just another one of those expensive scams that fool you out of your money?

We decided to put it to the test. With any luck, it would turn out that Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum wasn’t just designed to put drug users at ease, right until the point they fail a drug test.

So how does Saliva Neutralizing Gum Work?

As we outlined in the introduction, the spontaneity of oral drug tests makes them extremely dangerous for any drug users who still have toxins in their saliva or bloodstream. With saliva neutralizing gum like Clear Choice’s Oral Clear, you could get rid of the problem.

According to the manufacturer, the gum starts working its magic in seconds, just as soon as you start chewing it.

The gum is actually a capsule, so when you bite on it, it releases a liquid chemical. This liquid is comprised of antioxidants and hydrogen peroxide in a form that can disguise the toxins in the mouth for a very short period of time.

You only have to chew for 30 seconds. After that, you can stop chewing, and either swallow the gum or spit it out. The gum loses its efficacy around the 30-minute mark.

All you have to do is hide this product on your person for use in any emergencies!

Does Oral Clear Gum Actually Work?

The throngs of testimonials on forums and chats seem to prove that this product actually does work. To further investigate this product, we talked to people who had used this in the past.

One individual worked in a warehouse business. The company has a history of administering random saliva tests, and he was made to take one a few weeks ago. He had the Oral Clear gum on him and stepped into the bathroom to quickly chew it up.

He returned to take the test. Lo and behold, he passed! And now, Oral Clear is a bit of an open secret among all of the employees in that warehouse.

Another person we spoke to was in his car when a cop walked up to him. At the time, this individual had not been smoking, but he had ingested some pot brownies the night before. Even as the police officer was approaching him, he calmly reached into his pocket, chewed the saliva neutralizing gum and then swallowed it. Given that the cop did not even know about the gum, there hadn’t really been any need to swallow it. In any case, he too passed the saliva test.

We also asked to hear from people who have taken the gum and received quite a few responses. Most of them were positive. There was only one step left: we had to test out the gum ourselves!

So after a night smoking like a champion, I popped Oral Clear Gum into my mouth and chewed for 30 seconds. I then inserted a cotton swab into my mouth and placed that into the test kit I had bought. I waited a few moments, but the verdict was: absolutely no reaction. The gum had worked!

How Do You Use Saliva Neutralizing Gum?

There’s nothing to it. Just pop it in your mouth, chew for 30 seconds, and then spit it out or swallow it.

The Final Verdict

By all accounts, including mine, Oral Clear really works. That means it’s an essential item to carry in the workplace.

Where can you find oral clear gum? You can order the product from Clear Choice’s official website. True, the gum is expensive, at $90.


a) $90 is a small price to pay when weighed against the risk of potentially losing your job,

b) the price points towards the product not being just a cheap scam. There is a huge number of fraudulent products out in the marketplace, but the price and ingredients, not to mention the testimonials, swing in Oral Clear gum’s favor.

You can buy the product at Clear Choice’s official website.

We hope this review was helpful for you. Best of luck passing the drug test!