Does PetSmart Drug Test?

Does PetSmart drug test? As a recreational drug user interested in working at PetSmart, there are a variety of obstacles preventing a successful employment. However, we have inside information and solutions to make it possible.

If you are serious about finding employment at PetSmart or if you are currently working in the company and want to ensure that you are able to keep your job, it is important to be aware of their drug testing policies.

Modern drug tests are able to identify the presence of any drug component including marijuana. Maintaining a long-term job at PetSmart as a marijuana smoker is possible.

Though, you’ll need some information and methods handy. To help current & hopeful employees, we will disclose the specific policies that PetSmart enforces regarding the drug tests they conduct. In fact, we are also going to explain how to pass a drug test as a marijuana user!

Does PetSmart Drug Test – First Interview

A frequent question we receive from hopeful employees is ¨Does PetSmart drug test on first interview?¨

For anyone who has experience with the job interview process, it’s known that virtually no company will conduct a drug test for a potential candidate during the first interview. In case, they decide to hire you on the spot the drug test is likely possible but seldom.

Drug testing is costly for employers. If a company is interviewing 20 applicants for one open position, it would be an expensive waste of resources to conduct a drug test for every candidate. Another frequent question from hopeful employees is: Does PetSmart drug test immediately after the first interview?

The answer is straight-forward, no!

Any employer will only ask you to submit to a drug test if they decide to hire you. In return, they will run a background check and expect you to pass the drug test.

One crucial part of the hiring decision process is a conduct check for a criminal record. Even if you are able to pass a drug test, any black marks on your record will disqualify you for employment with PetSmart.

Does PetSmart Drug Test – When?

PetSmart does not drug test during or immediately following the first interview. But that doesn’t mean that a potential or current employee will never face a drug screening.

There are 3 particular circumstances in which the company may ask you for a drug test:

  • The First Circumstance is the successful completion of the hiring process. After impressing the managers in the interview & receiving a contingent offer of employment, you will be asked to submit a urine sample at the closest LabCorp within 48 hours of the request. This applies to the manager as well as any other position foreseeing a background check.
  • The Second Circumstance occurs following a workplace accident. This situation is very frequent during discussions on PetSmart drug test. If you have been in an accident at work involving the machinery, you will likely be required to submit to a drug test.
  • The Third Circumstance is a random drug test during the course of your employment. PetSmart may choose to drug test employees during random times of the year or based on suspicion. The contract signed during the hiring process allows PetSmart to conduct tests for any reason, at any time.

These three circumstances are the main causes of drug testing during the hiring process or employment at PetSmart. Additionally, employees can be submitted to drug testing following an accident where machinery was not involved but an injury was sustained that appears suspicious in nature.

As a PetSmart employee, one should be prepared for a drug test during any time during the course of their employment. It is also to our knowledge PetSmart does drug test bathers.

The next concern is exactly how drug testing is conducted.

PetSmart Drug Test Policy 2018

PetSmart drug testing policies do not exactly specify which type of drug testing methods they use. Employees and past candidates that we interviewed shared that the test is unsupervised. The drug test that PetSmart relies on is a basic five-panel test- the cheapest variety of drug test available to employers.

For a recreational drug user, the idea of submitting to a scheduled or random drug test can be nerve-racking…especially when your job is on the line.

The upside is that the five-panel urine test is actually one of the easiest types of drug tests to pass.

Does PetSmart Drug Test – How You Can Pass?

Does being a recreational drug user prevent me from being a PetSmart employee? No, you just need to prepare yourself!

Even habitual marijuana users can pass a five-panel urine test. Depending on your usage level and habits, there are a few options to give you the best chance for a clean result.

Natural Detox Methods

For infrequent or light users, natural detox methods may be enough to flush the traces of marijuana from the system. Marijuana can be detected in your urine for a varied amount of time after consumption depending on the amount and frequency.

If you’re an infrequent user (1-2x per month),  you should abstain from use for a minimum of three weeks. During this time drink as much liquid as possible, follow an exercise regime and eat a healthy diet.

Following these suggestions for three weeks will ensure the THC metabolites from marijuana are expelled from your body by the time you’re due to submit the sample for the drug test.

Detox Drinks

For moderate users, a more focused method of detoxification is necessary for example Rescue Cleanse detox drink.

Natural detoxification methods, while effective for light users, will not clear out a moderate user’s system in time for a drug test.

Stronger detoxification is achievable through ingestion of beverages to temporarily flush toxins. Two trusted options are Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse and the QCarbo Detox Drink by Herbal Clean.

These products are highly effective, but it’s important to follow the directions closely. This includes drinking large amounts of water with the beverages and urinating as frequently as possible to expel toxins.

Synthetic Urine

For heavy users, natural detox methods and Rescue Cleanse detox drinks can be risky. The best chance for a clean result from a daily smoker is to submit a known, clean sample.

You can replace your urine sample with synthetic urine products. This method minimizes risk and stress while ensuring a negative result.

One tried and true synthetic urine product is the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine by Clear Choice.

The formula by Clear Choice has been perfected over 25 years to imitate natural human urine, down to the smell and color. No preservatives or unnatural components are added and the synthetic urine can easily pass any lab test.