Clear Choice Incognito Belt


Clear Choice’s pioneering product since 2008.

The Incognito Belt by Clear Choice is the perfect undetectable solution you need!!! The best and leading answer to pass your approaching supervised test! 100% effective this ¨gravity operated¨ device filled with synthetic, toxin-free urine is surely the Clearest Choice to pass any test. It even comes supplied with a heating pad to warm the sample to the equivalent to the body’s natural temperature.



Wear this lightweight belt around your waist with the attached bladder bag. The sample will pass through a tube attached to the bottom of the bladder bag. The urine passes through the tube and is stopped and started with a simple to use clip. 

Using over 10 different compounds in our chemical mix to produce this unique formula. Clear Choice has successfully imitated real human urine, its ph balance, and its gravity!! Clear Choice is exceptionally proud to have the best synthetic urine formula on the market.


✓ 1 Bladder Bag with 3 ounces (100 ml) of Pre-mixed clean toxin-free Synthetic Urine (good for up to two uses)

✓ Velcro Adjustable belt (up to 48″ waist)

✓ 2 Heat Pads

✓ 1 Temperature Strip

✓ Complete instructions

✓ Their secret formula contains uric acid and urea and just like the real deal. This formula is a balance of pH, specific gravity and creatinine.


✓ Works for All Tests

✓ Totally Undetectable

✓ Up to 1-year shelf life from date of manufacture

✓ Unisex for Male or Female Use

NOTE: Not recommended for random testing since this product will take 15-60 minutes to heat up to the acceptable temperature range.

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