What Synthetic Urine Kit Should You Buy?

For a recreational drug user, making use of a synthetic urine kit is the most popular way to pass a urine drug test. Due to it’s rising popularity & demand, lab groups are working on making more sophisticated testing methods to detect non-human components in the sample.

The amount of supervision while collecting the sample has increased to a significant degree. In some circumstances, the bathroom area is fully monitored or the door is left open. However, we have good news for you!

While the laboratory groups are improving their technology, the companies providing drug testing solutions are advancing as well.

Not as easy as it seems,  does synthetic urine work to pass the drug test? YES by carefully choosing a reputable product and knowing the situations in which the product can be used, synthetic urine is a viable solution.

 Does This Even Work Anymore?

Urine drug tests are calibrated using synthetic urine in order to get a standard for drug tests. Synthetic urine gives the ideal test result for clean human urine. It is because of the consistency that it provides, in terms of results, the calibration of the lab equipment.

Since the tests are more advanced these days, synthetic urine is not a guaranteed way to pass a drug test like the good old days. There are instances where you might want to reconsider using synthetic urine when you are facing a drug test but that is something we will pick up later on.

Despite that fact, why do people use synthetic urine? It is because, no matter how much you smoke or even if you have smoked just minutes before submitting the urine sample, it is never going to show up in the test!

It is the best option for the chronic smokers. Specifically for those, who don’t have any choice when it comes to detoxifying their systems. Furthermore, people who find urine drug testing as an invasion of their privacy find synthetic urine as a very good option. It allows them to retain some aspect of their privacy & easily continue living the kind of lifestyle they have chosen for themselves.

Ideal Factors For Using a Synthetic Urine Kit!

Remember that we talked about how there are situations where you might want to reconsider using fake urine in order to pass urine drug tests? Well, we are going to talk about the ideal scenarios where you can, in fact, make use of synthetic urine to pass the drug test.

You should make use of synthetic urine only when these conditions will be sufficed:

Condition Number 1:

If you do not require to submit a sample of your urine under the supervision of someone, you pretty much have free reign over the matter. Just whip out the synthetic urine kit and squirt it into the sample jar given to you by the lab’s official. It’s the best situation possible, to be honest.

If you are worried about getting your pockets checked, you may want to use a synthetic urine holder. Take a little look at Clear Choice’s Incognito belt.

Condition Number 2

Unsupervised tests are not very common now. Considering the fact that everybody is catching on to the use of synthetic urine. If you are going to face a supervision drug test, you should know this fact that they will not ask you to pull your pants down in front of them or watch you submitting the sample. So you can go ahead and use the synthetic urine kit.

If you’re not sure and you don’t want to take the risk we have another option for you. We recommend using premixed synthetic urine on a belt with a prosthetic like the Sweet Pee Deluxe for example. They offer 5 color shades so matching one won’t be an issue!

Institutions are increasing the stringency of their supervision progressively. Why? Because of the fact that there will be too many people using fake urine to pass their urine drug test.

Condition Number 3

You need to ensure that you are using synthetic urine of the very best quality possible. The quality matters a lot, especially, when it comes to synthetic urine. There are loads of products available in the market that are ripping people off without any remorse.

Over the years, drug testing labs have become better at being able to recognize synthetic urine. Don’t make the mistake of using cheap and low-quality synthetic urine. If you do, the lab will be able to detect the elements in the urine that aren’t present in the real human urine & you will be in deeper trouble than before. It’s always a good idea to read synthetic urine reviews.

Condition Number 4

What should you do in case you have no other option? Synthetic urine is your savior. Do you smoke weed/marijuana multiple times every day? THC metabolites present in your urine sample will be huge. With such a huge number, the lab testers can expose you for the use of drugs easily. Even if you stop using drugs, lab testers can still expose you for the use of drugs you might have consumed a few months back.

You can also use synthetic urine in the case if you have smoked weed recently. Do the factors stated above match your condition? You should definitely make use of synthetic urine.

When Should You Avoid The Use Of Synthetic Urine?

Will the test take place under strict supervision? OR you have the time to detox your body? OR you have smoked a long time ago? You should avoid using synthetic urine.

A Fun Fact

Well, it’s just a fact, not really that fun at all. The first thing that the lab looks for when you submit a sample is the temperature. A telltale difference between something you brought along with you & something that came out of your body has some difference in temperature.

Urine is supposed to have a certain temperature close to your body temperature. They only send in the samples for further testing if the temperature of the urine sample is the right.

How To Hide Your Synthetic Urine Kit for Supervised Test?

Yes, this is a matter that causes concern to a lot of people. It is not an easy task but a necessary one. The only thing worse than failing a drug test is getting caught using synthetic urine. Nobody wants that.

This is a matter which needs to be tackled based on the specifics of your predicament. Different testing facilities have their own conditions in which they will be conducting the test. You need to properly research the drug testing lab that is going to test you. Further, if you can learn about their testing methods, that would be just perfect.

Like we said earlier, some facilities might actually require you to pull down your pants. In fact, they will ask you to lift up the shirt to ensure you are not cheating. In such situations, you just need to hide it very carefully.

If you are facing a supervised test (without much strictness), there are a few ideas to hide kit. You just need to be open about the options that you might have to consider.

How To Pass A Drug Test…

  • First, get yourself a Stash Belt & store the synthetic urine bottle there.
  • Or grab some super comfy Stash Boxers (that look like normal men’s underwear) and stash it there.
  • If you are a lady, Boobs can hide anything! You can also make use of the stash boxers.
  • You can attach a bag around your waist. It’s one of the oldest methods, still used by many people.
  • Again, if you’re a lady, you can use your bra if you wear a sports bra with a loose shirt on top.

We are a creative species, people. We can come up with all sorts of ideas when the occasion calls for it. The disgusting options are there for your consideration because they are more likely to work. But the other two options (the inner thigh and the bra) are also good if there is not much supervision.

The Checking For Adulterants!

One of the reasons why it has become slightly more challenging to pass urine drug tests is the fact that lab tests are checking for signs if a sample submitted is fake. It is an important aspect for drug tests now so that the lab testing officials know whether or not a sample given to them is fake or not.

Here are a few things which labs testers look to identify whether the sample is fake or not:

  • The Color and Smell – The most basic thing that is there to consider is the fact that urine looks and smells a particular way. Even though it is not a part of the test in an official capacity, it is just common sense that the urine is supposed to be yellow. This is why people consume vitamin b when they are diluting their natural urine so that it turns up yellow.
  • Urea – Urea is one of the compounds which is present in natural human urine. Drug test labs check to see whether or not its presence in the sample to catch the fake urine that doesn’t have it.
  • Glutaraldehyde – This is an adulterant which is able to mask the levels of THC metabolites from the lab equipment. It isn’t something that should be there in natural human urine and when it is found, well, you’re in trouble.
  • Uric Acid – again, one of the compounds which is naturally present in actual human urine. If there is no uric acid in the sample, lab testers will flag you.
  • Temperature – The temperature of the urine is supposed to be slightly higher than the body temperature. Forgetting about the temperature is the most common mistake people make when they are trying to pass urine drug tests with synthetic urine.
  • pH Level – Urine has a pH level which comes within the range of 8 to 4.6. Anything slightly above or below qualifies the sample as being valid but if the sample submitted doesn’t come within this range, it will be considered invalid.
  • Creatinine – This is one of the most telling signs. If there are low creatinine levels in your urine, it is an indicator of diluted urine. Again, a cause for concern.

Best Way To Your Pass Urine Drug Test?

And now here is the part that you were preparing yourself to read with everything we stated in the post. The best possible way for you to pass urine drug tests by using synthetic urine.

Bear in mind that there are a lot of different products from different companies out there for you to choose from but we have a particular brand that is our favorite and we will be recommending that to you because it is foolproof.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Clear Choice is a company that has been making drug testing solutions for over 25 years now and it suffices to say that they have significant experience in making products to help in predicaments such as yours. The Sub Solution is still the best fake urine of its kind. Quick Luck is a NEW premixed premium quality, 3 oz  synthetic urine kit with the most superior formula on the market, based on more than 15 years of research and lab testing.

Clear Choice synthetic urine boasts many reasons why it is better than the others available for purchase in the market. First off, both kits give you no trouble when it comes to bringing the synthetic urine up to the right temperature for the drug test.

Other brands require at least half an hour to bring up the synthetic urine to the ideal temperature range while Clear Choice requires little more than a few minutes.

You don’t need to use heating pads for it. It comes with a powdered chemical that you have to put in the mixture that will heat it up and bring the temperature right to the sweet spot for the drug test to consider it a valid sample.

Secondly, Quick Luck & Sub Solution synthetic urine have an edge over the competition because they imitate natural human urine to perfection. The urine smells and looks exactly like natural urine should.

It even bubbles up like normal urine when you shake the container up. It is the one situation where you would love to take in the aroma of urine.

These two factors augmented by the fact that the formula that Clear Choice’s Sub Solution and The Quick Luck synthetic urine kit both have that of natural human urine including all the organic and inorganic compounds found in the real stuff makes it an ideal choice to pass urine drug tests.

It gets better. You can even purchase the stuff online and have it all brought right to your very doorstep in discreet unmarked packaging. What more could you ask for?